Khefira Hasati

Khefira HaSati was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. From an early age she was exposed to and taught about natural and alternative medicines by her mother. She listened to many stories from her grandmother Ayame Tsutakawa about the natural healing traditions of Japan. She was taught to heal herself rather than to look to outside sources for medicine. She was able to use her medicinal knowledge in her travels around the world on herself and others in places such as Tibet, India, Senegal and Zanzibar. At age 29, when she came to The Earth Center she realized that her previous exposure was only touching the surface of the depth of knowledge that traditional medicine had to offer about the harmony and function of the body, and the effects of illnesses.

A chef and nutritional consultant, Khefira cooked professionally in gourmet restaurants in Seattle, WA and Tuscany, Italy. She has also worked as a personal chef, taught cooking and nutrition classes and now writes a monthly cooking/nutrition column called, Back To Food in The Earth Center's monthly publication.

Khefira has a huge interest in midwifery and children's health. She has attended several home births and has utilized her medicinal wisdom during her many years of child care.

In 2005, Khefira graduated from the M'TAM Traditional Healing course. Since then she has apprenticed with Master Naba and other elder healers. She returns annually to Merita to further her health knowledge.

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