Nehez Mineooh

Nehez Meniooh was born in Seattle, Washington in the United States of America. He entered the Earth Center's M'TAM initiation in 2004. Previous to his entry into the M'TAM school, he studied what he could of Traditional African Medicine, attempting to navigate through the new age superstitions and unfounded African Health teachers. Nehez was a part of the last generation who studied exclusively under Master Naba in the U.S.. He was one of only two initiates of an initial eleven in his generation who made it through the rigorous training.

Nehez understands the importance of traditions and traditional apprenticeship. He would often times be at the center from the time Master Naba awoke in the morning until the time the lights went out. He studied very closely with Master Naba, and under the guidance of his elder generation the Herpws (Inejnemas). He apprenticed with Master Naba in the healing more than any other initiate in the school, sitting in on countless health consultations, listening to the wisdom of Master Naba and gaining valuable experiential knowledge. When Master Naba left the US in 2007 he asked Nehez to move into the Chicago branch of The Earth Center center (US headquarters) and oversee the medicines and the center.

Nehez continues his study with Master Naba and other elder Ankhkasta healers on the annual pilgrimages. Nehez is now the head acting healer at the Chicago headquarters as well as the Brooklyn, NY center where he travels once a month to do healing consultations and provide older students a chance for apprenticeship.

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